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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Nursing treats postpartum beauty

After giving birth, when the body starts to be strong, every woman wants to be clean and refreshed. So women can do the following:

Drink lots of water

Whether juice, juice or water, medicine, plenty of good food is good, refreshing, and refined.

- There is no lack of moisturizer

Skin creams are essentially indispensable. After all, apply at least 2 times a day to keep the skin strong and moisturizing.

- Add vitamin C

Vitamin plays a key role in restoring your body, improving your immune system, choosing a lot of citrus fruits, or taking vitamin C supplements.

- Eye care

The skin, the eyelid, and the bag under the weak eye, will not fail in any other place. Therefore, fruits such as cucumbers, cucumbers and cold panels can be used on the eyelid for at least 15 minutes, and the eyelids will be refreshed.

- Covering shortcomings by makeup

If you need to go out, make sure you use makeup, a nice face, a confident face, a slightly brighter skin, a charming look and a healthy look.

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