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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Share 7 correct birth control methods how to not pregnant?

Contraceptives Do not just wear condoms. Or taking oral contraceptives. But there are many other ways. Many people may not know. Do not know enough details today. Health MThai will bring everyone to know. How many contraceptive methods do you have?

How to prevent pregnancy is not ready. And how do you not know contraception?

How important is contraception?
Contraception is part of family planning. Or simply say. How to not be pregnant and safe from contagious diseases. But still Misunderstanding And doubts about the method of contraception are still frequent. Cause the stomach is not ready.

How to use contraception?
Contraceptives are available in a variety of ways. Each method gives a different result. The two types of contraceptive use are classified according to the type of contraceptive. The method is quite good and the method is not good.

The way is quite good.
1. Condoms are the best way to use contraceptives and sexually transmitted diseases. Because it prevents sperm from mixing with the eggs of women. But be careful not to tear condoms. And choose the right size. If the condom is torn. Or drop between sex to calm down, do not panic. Then hurry to check the emergency. To prevent pregnancy in that case.

2. Pill Drugs It is a powerful contraceptive method. If eat properly and consistently. Contraceptive drugs are available in 28 types and 21 tablets, which results in no difference in contraception. 28 pill pills have seven more vitamins for women to take birth control pills. Do not forget to take medicine.

The 28 pill and 21 pill pills were taken in the first 5 days of menstruation. And after that Eat one pill every day, until the end of the pill for 28 pill pills can start eating the panel anyway. But for 21 tablets should be left for 7 days to the menstruation. Then start eating a new panel should eat at the same time every day to forget.

If you forget to take medicine, what to do?
*When I forget to take a pill, I immediately take the medicine. If you forget to take more than one day, take two tablets simultaneously.
*If you forget to take 2 days, immediately take 2 tablets and remember to eat two tablets the next day. And between Use condoms until sexual intercourse begins.
*When I forget to take more than 2 days to stop taking it. And between this, use condoms to have sex. Then start a new pill in the next menstrual period.

3. Contraceptive skin patches It is a contraceptive method that works the same as oral contraceptives. But use more convenient. The patch is approximately 4.5 x 4.5 cm. Apply to the skin on the hips, upper arm, upper back. The drug penetrates the skin into the bloodstream. Stick to the first day of the month 7 days, then change the new sheet at 3 copies in 3 weeks, do not paste a week (same as. The drug is 21 tablets. The menstrual period will come in the period not to paste the drug. And forget about medicine. Let's start sticking right now. But do not forget more than 2 days if more than 2 days, contraceptives by other means such as condom use. Then began to add drugs in the next menstrual cycle.

4. Injectable contraceptives Is a good contraceptive method. Do not worry about forgetting to take medicine. Can be used for contraceptive injection. At the provincial hospital. District Hospital District Health Promotion Hospital (MRES) includes private clinics and hospitals. If the health care facility. No contraceptive injections available. You can buy medicines from pharmacies with pharmacists and take them to the health care facility. Contraceptive drugs are available for 1 month (4 weeks), 2months (8 weeks) and 3months (12 weeks), which are administered every 30 days, 60 days and 90 days, respectively. The menstrual period is not normal, or no menstrual period at all.

5. Contraceptive Drugs This method is popular in teens. Services available at public and private hospitals. For adolescents under the age of 20, public hospitals have free bureaucracy. Over the age of 20 years, the cost is 2,000-2500 baht, the contraceptive is 3-5 years, depending on the type of drug has the advantage is to reduce the problem forgetting to take medicine or injection. The doctor will bury the hormone. Packaged in small plastic tubes. Under the skin In the upper arm of this drug may cause menstrual irregularities or dysentery. Approximately one in three people use the drug.

6. Oral contraceptives or IUD It looks like a T-shaped curl in the uterus. To prevent the embedding of eggs. Contraceptive care services can be provided at the health care facility. People who wear a contraceptive ring. It should be monitored every month. Is it still alive? If the loop occurs. It may be pregnant.

7. Permanent contraception How to get pregnant? I can do both male sterility and female sterility. Sterilization is easier and more convenient than male sterility. This is a safe and economical method of contraception.

The way that works, but not good.
1. An emergency contraceptive is a contraceptive method used after having sex. For emergency protection:

*Do not take contraception by any means.
*Contraceptive use by other means. But mistakes like condom break, break or forget to take birth control pills.
*Have sex without consent or rape.

Precautions should not be taken in place of conventional contraceptives. Because this method has low efficiency. And have a higher chance of pregnancy. If used continuously for a long time. The World Health Organization has determined that the correct emergency contraceptives are eaten within 72 hours of having sex without protection. And take both tablets together. Or eat at least 12 hours.

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