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Friday, July 13, 2018

The problem of 'constipation' Permanent solution and treatment

Who says "Constipation" small things think of new girls. Do not overlook ... until it becomes habitual. It's not good for your health today. Have information

At the Rajvithi Hospital Department of Medicine recommends that ... people with constipation should practice good bowel habits. Adjust the living habits. And eat plenty of water.

Now we know. Constipation at the same time.


Constipation is a common symptom. When the bowel is squeezed or moved slowly during digestion. Can not drive the digestion from the gastrointestinal tract as usual.

Constipation warning

1.      Feces less than 3 times a week. Or less than usual.
2.      Stool is solid. Small
3.      Not defecating Or not.
4.      Difficult to defecate. I need to use a lot of force.
5.      Sore throat

However, those with the above symptoms for 3 consecutive months. Constipation. May develop chronic constipation that is more severe. Lead to some complications, including hemorrhoids. The wound around the anus and may cause bowel obstruction.

Causes of constipation

1.      Stool retention
2.      Eating with insufficient fiber content
3.      Lack of exercise (Especially in the elderly)
4.      Some medications, such as painkillers, antacids, some high blood pressure medications. Nourishing tablets containing iron diuretics.
5.      Drink less
6.      Is very heavy or too small.
7.      Stress issues Psychological problems

How to cure constipation

1.      change eating habits Eat foods that are high in fiber, especially vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
2.      Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.
3.      Exercise regularly.
4.      Excretion to the time each day.
5.      Do not use long-term laxative. If symptoms do not improve, consult a doctor.

Constipation medication

1.      Treat with fiber or fiber. There are substances that have good water absorption.   The stool is soft. And easily removed.
2.      stimulant stimulant Helps to stimulate the bowel of the bowel to work better
3.      Osmosis Laxative Helps absorb water back into the colon. The stool is not dry and hard to remove.
4.      Laxatives, stools and stools.

If the defect in the defecation changed from the original cause. Other symptoms, such as fatigue, weight loss disorders. Defecation Even trying to change the habits of living and eating. Talk to your doctor about any possible causes for this disorder. And should maintain health. And get annual health check. To keep the body healthy. And good hygiene always.

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