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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Using Different Types of E-Mail In Your Marketing Campaigns

Many, if not most, Internet marketers use e-mail marketing campaigns as the mainstay of their business. The chances are that they use a newsletter format, which seems to be the most common type of e-mail campaign. These are usually sent out every couple of weeks or, perhaps, monthly. Let me suggest that there are types of e-mail campaign other than the newsletter. These are often ignored but could provide better results if you were to incorporate them into your e-mail strategy. Here are four additional e-mail formats that you might want to consider using as you connect with your subscribers.

The first type is what I call the informational e-mail. The mail outs in this type of campaign are usually not very long making the campaign quick and easy to set up. Generally these e-mails do not require any action from the subscriber. There are no links to click as they are simply there to provide information to the recipient. An example of an informational e-mail might be one in which you announce the publication of a new post on your blog or, perhaps, a reminder of an upcoming webinar.

Another very useful type of e-mail is the educational e-mail. These tend to be very popular with subscribers because they contain good quality content that addresses a common problem or answers a frequently asked question. Subscribers generally welcome this type of e-mail more than any other because they are getting valuable information at no cost. The obvious benefit for the marketer is that they are establishing their own credentials as an expert in their niche. Educational e-mails are of the most value after an individual has signed up for a free report or has made a purchase from you. You can use them to provide additional content and demonstrate your expertise and provide additional value.

One of the least used and often most poorly executed type of e-mail is a type I call the lead nurturing e-mail. Depending on your niche and the products you are promoting it can take a lot of time and considerable effort to take a lead through the entire sales cycle. Lead nurturing e-mails allow you to automate that process while at the same time reducing the time you need to invest. The process involves setting up a nurturing campaign in your autoresponder with a number of e-mails set to go out according to a suitable schedule. These are short messages that are packed with valuable information that lead the recipient to the point at which they are ready to respond to your call to action and buy from you.

The fourth type of e-mail you should be including in your strategy is the promotional e-mail. We have all seen them and we all know that if the process is not done correctly you run the risk of a recipient unsubscribing from your list or simply sending your message to the trash. If you send too many of this type of e-mail you will annoy your recipient. However, let me suggest if you don't send enough you are training them to only expect free information from you. The real trick is finding a good balance. Obviously you should type of e-mail when you have a new product or service or a special deal happening but you should use this type of e-mail thoughtfully and according to a planned strategy.

You might want to consider including these four additional types of e-mail in your e-mail campaigns. You should find that your subscribers remain loyal to you, enjoy getting your e-mail and, hopefully, buy more from you.

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